How We Started

Ever since we were little kids, we were surrounded by music.

Whether it was our father playing the piano, or the smooth jazz CD playing as we fell asleep, or the band that we played in together, music was everywhere.

Since our dad worked for Bose, we were spoiled when it came to music. He would always bring home the latest piece of test music, or some gadget he was tinkering with and improving.

Therefore, it come as no surprise that music is core to our lives. 

We care about sound.

We care about audio quality.

After all, we agree with Plato. 

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”


Good music and good sound go hand in hand.

However, in today’s world of a million choices, what is the best that audio has to offer?

Sikula Solutions

What is the best audio can offer?

Despite the seeming simplicity of the question, it is rather complex.

Not only are there millions of products to choose from, but based on what do you choose what’s best?

Do you want the best bang for your buck,  or the best sound, or the most portable product out there? There are as many parameters as there are choices.

Sure, you could spend your time reading review after review on the internet.

Sure you could compare and contrast, and search for the prefect product for your budget.

But that’s tedious. 

You don’t really have the time to sort through the choices out there, nor the budget to buy and test them for yourself!

Let us do that for you.

We will bring together all the metrics, all the options, and put them together in an easy to understand manner.

We are immersed in our love for music and sound, and are eager to share that with you.

Sikula Solutions was made for this purpose, to share our love for good audio with the world. Hopefully, some of that passion rubs off on you!