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Cowin E7 Pro Review

The Cowin E7 Pro Wireless Headphones

Music invigorates you. It surrounds and pumps you up while you work out, pushing your performance to the next level. It relaxes you whole you eat or travel, uplifting your mood after a long day.

Modern headphones don’t just immerse you in the music, but many have features like active noise cancelling, which filters out the background noise, letting you really focus on your tunes. There are several companies manufacturing noise cancelling headphones but the most affordable noise cancelling headphones are the Cowin E7 Pro noise cancelling headphones.

The Cowin E7 Pro headphones are an upgraded version of the Cowin E7s, which made it onto our 5 best budgets headphones list last year, edging out the previous model in terms of sound quality and better microphone clarity. Cowin has focused their brand around making affordable noise cancelling headphones, keeping their prices at under $100. They have been in the top 10 best selling headphones on Amazon for the past year, and with good reason.

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  • Hard-shell case included
  • Super cushy ear pads
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 30+ hour battery life
  • Very affordable


  • Average noise cancelling
  • Sound leackage
Dimensions6.54 x 3.62 x 7.13 in
Weight0.8 ounce
Headphone FitAround Ear
ConnectivityBluetooth v4.0
Noise CancellingYes
Battery Life30 hours
Water Proofno
Warranty1.5 years
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Closer Look At The Cowin E7 Pro

The Cowin E7 Pro noise cancelling headphones are very comfortable wireless headphones. The built-in middle adjustment band makes adjusting the headphones to fit you perfectly a breeze. Available in an array of shiny colors, black, blue, lime green, pink, purple read and white, these headphones look amazing. You will love wearing these around your friends.

Since the earcups fit around your ears, you get good sound isolation even when the active noise cancelling isn’t on. By the way, the earcups are made with super cushy pads for extra comfort. You can use the headphones for long listening sessions and they won’t feel heavy on your head. Though the E7 Pro headphones are light, they don’t feel cheap.

The built-in microphone and sound quality have both seen improvements over the Cowin E7 headphones, while the battery life remains about the same at 30 hours. Each purchase is backed by an 18-month warranty. All these factors plus the affordable pricing keep it a very popular buy on Amazon.

Looking Inside The Box

When you buy the Cowin E7 Pro noise cancelling headphones, you get the following:

  • Cowin hard-shell case.
  • Multilingual user’s guide
  • Auxiliary cable
  • Charging cable
  • Wireless Bluetooth headphones
  • VIP card

Design and Comfort

The Cowin E7 Pro noise cancelling headphones have a very classy design. There are touch controls located on the right earcup, which we will talk more about later. The headband is covered in what seems to be an imitation leather. It is well padded and stable, making the headphones feels comfortable when worn. The earcups exterior are very shiny, and look fantastic in any color.

As we mentioned in passing earlier, the Cowin E7 Pro headphones are equipped with super cushy ear pads. They are designed to fit around most ears, though they are a bit snug on bigger ears like mine. Thankfully, there isn’t much clamping pressure from the headband. This coupled with their lightweight design this makes them super comfortable even when listening to music for hours at a time.

Sound Quality And Active Noise Cancelling

Since we know now that the E7 Pros fit comfortably, let’s turn to how they sound.

The Cowin E7 Pro noise cancelling headphones have improved sound quality over its Cowen E7 predecessor. That having been said, they are still budget noise cancelling headphones.

They headphones have a strong bass, which really comes through in just the Bluetooth/On mode. In some cases, we think the bass is almost too much and tints the middle to upper ranges. However, when you switch them into noise cancelling mode, the bass seems to take a back seat to the mid and high range sounds.

We did also notice some sound leakage, despite the well-padded earcups. If you plan to use these on your commute, you may annoy some of the people around you.

Finally, the active noise cancelling does its job, but is far from comparable to something like a Bose or Sony product. Active noise cancelling is designed to filter out background noise, which these wireless headphones do to a good degree. Still, if you are planning to use these in a noisy environment like an airplane, we recommend looking into something more high-end.

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Battery Life

The headphones have a stable battery life. They have 800 MAH battery which gives you a playtime of more than 30 hours. A full charge from empty takes about 4 hours, so charging these overnight is ideal.

Controls and Connectivity

Touch controls are located on the right ear cup, letting you adjust volume. Also, you can skip forward and skip back with long presses. There is a toggle switch beneath the right ear cup with three positions. If you slide it once, the Bluetooth is turned on. Sliding it once more activates the noise cancelling mode.

One gripe we have with these headphones is they still use the older Bluetooth 4.0. Your connectivity range will suffer compared to headphones with Bluetooth 5.0, however this isn’t very noticeable in most cases. Since these are budget noise cancelling headphones, we still give these a pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQ's

There are some frequently asked questions from customers looking to purchase this product. Here are some of the most common ones along with answers.

1) Are these headphones over the ear and comfortable?

These are over the ear headphones and have ultra-soft cushions on their ear cups which make them very comfortable. Additionally, they are fairly light weight, adding to comfort even when used for long time spans.

2) What is the Bluetooth range?

The Bluetooth range of the Cowin E7 Pro is at best about 50 feet. If we take into account obstacles such as falls, cubicles, or even people the range drops to about 25-30 feet before the sound quality becomes choppy.

3) Is the built-in microphone a good option for conference calls?

Yes, the built-in microphones are of very good quality. Also, the 4.0 Bt makes connectivity strong. The sound quality is amazing. Therefore, you can use these headphones for conference calls, though you may find that some background noise is still picked up by the microphone.

4) How is the noise cancelling feature?

Its noise cancelling feature is not perfect but it is decent. Sometimes, even after the noise cancelling feature is enabled, you still can hear chattering noises from around you, yet the low tone background noises are removed or muffled.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a good pair of active noise cancelling headphones for under $100, the Cowin E7 Pros are a fantastic option. The noise cancelling can’t hold up to Bose or Sony products, however, as long as you aren’t spending extended lengths of time in noisy environments such as an airplane, these should be fine for every day listening.

Sound quality is good, with an emphasis on the bass. Because of the 30-hour battery life, you can rely on these wireless headphones even if you forget to charge them one night. In our books, these headphones get a solid recommendation as a first noise cancelling pair of headphones or as a budget option.

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